Our Quality Control deals with the operations management and the process testing and evaluation of products or raw materials provided by our suppliers, products manufactured by us or that are to be shipped to our customers.

It is hence guaranteed that all the products we manufacture or that we buy meet our customers’ requirements, and the international standards.

Set guidelines to certify the parts, materials and services purchased from suppliers for the customer.

Marinoni srl operates in the full respect of all the obligations of the law by instructing their staff with courses designed to comply with all applicable regulations.

  • NORMA UNI EN 10251 : 1999
    Methods for determination of the geometrical characteristics of magnetic steel sheet and strip 
  • NORMA UNI EN 10106 : 2007
    Magnetic steel sheet and strip of non-grain oriented, cold rolled and supplied in finished 
  • NORMA UNI EN 10107 : 2006 
    Magnetic sheet and strip steel grain oriented, cold rolled and supplied in finished

  • Analysis

  • Evaluation

  • Production

  • Process Testing

  • Shipping

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