Marinoni srl

Our company was established in 1972 and has been working in the electrical steel sector for over 50 years.

Thanks to our experience gained over time and to investment made in new technologies we’ve been able to meet customers’ requirements through continuous collaboration, which is fundamental to the fulfillment of every order.

Why choose Marinoni Srl

  • Experience

  • Cutting Edge Technology

  • Quality

  • Competence

  • Speed

Years’ experience



Latest Years

In the last decade Marinoni has also become specialized in producing magnetic cores for electrical furnaces, developing always more complex projects. We are also able to provide our technical consulting for the design of transformer cross sections; we offer this service both for new plans and for renewing old plans that need to be updated.

Our flexible production allows us to meet any customer requirement, be it small or large.

As a result, we ensure the highest quality and precision in manufacturing, with quick and low-priced shipments.

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