Marinoni srl has the competence and the mechanical infrastructure to guarantee highly precise assembling process, meeting our customers’ requirements. We pay particular attention to details and quality, which is one of our main strenghts thanks to our previous experience in the field.

Our production process has always been considered one of the fastest and most precise nationwide.

Throughout the years, Marinoni srl has sped up its production process thanks to cutting edge machinery and qualified staff, meeting every customer requirement always faster.



Experience, combined with highly qualified staff and cutting edge equipment, guarantees that we can meet deadlines agreed with our customers, even on short notice. At a moment in which speed, quality and precision are essential, Marinoni has proven itself to be one of the most qualified companies in the electrical steel sector.

Our flexible production allows us to satisfy every need of our customers, both smaller and larger orders.


  • Customer design manufacturing
  • Columns width from 20 mm to 400 mm
  • Stepped cross-sectioned cores with or without holes
  • Frames and insulation supply based on customer’ drawing


  • Power and distribution transformers
  • Chokes
  • Instrument transformers
  • Data center
  • Shielding system
  • Induction furnaces


  • Cores manufactured by us are provided with the upper side in which the yokes are not connected to the columns (except for specific requirements), allowing the customer to save time during the assembling process.