Marinoni srl has the competence and the mechanical infrastructure to guarantee highly precise assembling process, meeting our customers’ requirements. We pay particular attention to details and quality, which are our peculiarity thanks to years of experience in this sector.

Our production process, once as well as now, is considered one of the fastest and most precise nationwide.

Through the years, Marinoni srl has become faster in the production process thanks to our avant-guard machinery and to our qualified staff, meeting every customer requirement in shorter time.



Our experience, combined with our highly qualified staff and latest generation equipment, guarantee that we can meet the deadlines agreed with our customers, even on short notice. In a time where speed, quality and precision are essential, Marinoni proves to be one of the most qualified companies in the electrical steel sector.

Our flexible production allows us to satisfy every needs of our customers, from small to large amounts of supplies.


  • Customer design manufacture
  • Columns width from 18 mm to 400 mm
  • Stepped cross-sectional cores with or without punch holes
  • Lamination sheets packet and insulation supply based on customer plan


  • Power and distribution transformers
  • Welding transformers, charger transformers, etc…
  • Oven transformers


  • Our own manufactured cores are provided with the upper side in which the yokes are not connected to the columns (except for specific requirements), allowing the customer to save time during the assembling process.